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No Phone Line Required

Our Fixed Wireless Network delivers a reliable internet connection to homes and businesses across County Mayo in towns and rural areas.

It is totally independent from your landline telephone connection so even if your phone provider has told you that Broadband is not available in your area, we may still be able to connect you to ours!

So you can surf the internet all day on WestNet without ever tying up your phone line.

Fast and Reliable Internet Connection

WestNet’s entry level connection package, and also our most popular, is our Residential user service.

It features up to 2Mb/s download and 1Mb/s upload speeds, so the web can be enjoyed at a far quicker rate than with a dial-up connection. We also have a 4Mb/s download speed Residential Plus pacakge for users requiring more bandwidth.

For businesses we have our 6Mb/s Business and Business Plus packages to suit your needs and custom packages are also available.

Broadband Coverage in rural Mayo

We have installed our Network Access Points in many of the rural areas of County Mayo, helping local businesses to develop and thrive in areas where the existing communications network had previously let them down.

Additionally, home-owners and students living in outlying areas that had previously relied on town centre internet cafes for Broadband internet access, can now sit in the comfort of their own homes to gain easy access to the internet for leisure, business and education purposes.

Latest Broadband Technology

Westnet have built an impressive Fixed Wireless Network across County Mayo using strategic repeater stations to distribute our high quality broadband packages.

In less than three years we have grown to become the largest Fixed Wireless and WiMAX operator in the county. We now have over 90 access points servicing customers in much of the region, with a continuing expansion program to build on our success.

Independent Network Connection

We have built our own network across County Mayo with our own connection into the National fibre ring; therefore we do not rely on the third party infrastructure or performance of O2, Vodafone or Eircom in your local area.

We are sure to only connect you if there is a stable wireless connection to your location, so there is no need to stand on a chair, or lean out of the window to get service!

Quick and Simple Installation

Connection to our network involves installing a fixed wireless receiver to the property and routing a cable back to the computer.

Our skilled engineers are in most regions of the county on a weekly basis so connection to Westnet is generally a speedy and hassle-free process.

Our Broadband connection utilises a standard Ethernet socket, which is compatible with most desktop PCs, laptops and routers.

Always on connection 1Mb/s upload 2Mb/s download

Contention ratio 24:1

€34.99 per month including VAT

One off engineer installation fee €100.00

Always on connection 1Mb/s upload 4Mb/s download

Contention ratio 24:1

€44.99 per month including VAT

One off engineer installation fee €100.00

Always on connection 1Mb/s upload 6Mb/s download

Contention Ration 16:1

€59.99 per month + Vat

One off engineer installation fee €100.00

Always on connection 3Mb/s upload 6Mb/s download

Contention Ratio 8:1

€99.99 per month + Vat

One off engineer installation fee €100.00