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Acceptable Usage Policy

As your internet service provider we are driven to provide the best service possible for all our customers. Westnet Broadband is a shared resource network and requires highly technical engineering to maintain its performance.

The aim of the business is to offer an affordable, high quality broadband solution to rural communities in the West of Ireland.

All our customers are asked to sign an application form with Westnet that details our Terms and Conditions. Upon signing this contract you are agreeing to our acceptable usage policy.

Westnet has an Acceptable Usage Policy to ensure that our network is fast and reliable for all the customers connected to it. The bandwidth that is available on our network is shared by all customers that are active on the network at a particular moment in time. Westnet relies on each individual customer to be considerate towards others in their broadband usage. If one person takes up an excessive amount of bandwidth then it may lessen the quality of service for other users.

Peer to peer file sharing is a common reason of excessive bandwidth usage, in order to combat this Westnet will block any traffic that it feels facilitate this form of protocol. If we feel a customer is using what we consider to be excessive amount of bandwidth then we will take steps to change their behaviour on our network.

The first step is to advise you of our Usage Policy so that you understand what type of internet usage is acceptable on Westnet.

The next step is to advise you that we deem your current use of Westnet to be outside the limitations of what is acceptable usage. We would ask you to consider if you wish to continue being a Westnet customer and accept our Acceptable Usage Policy.

Alternatively; upon your request we will terminate your connection and remove our equipment from your property.